January 27, 2015

Tactics to Overcome Frustration With Your Service-based Startup

Many entrepreneurs give up before they reap the rewards from their efforts. The reality is, everybody goes through discouragement from time to time. How you get through will determine your success. So how do you overcome discouragement? Here are five strategies you can try… Step back – Taking a break will enable you to look Continue Reading

Tactics to Kick-Start Your Momentum

Momentum is a great thing. At its height, it makes you unstoppable. It’s the times when everything seems to come together effortlessly and your business just gets better and better. Unfortunately, keeping momentum isn’t always easy. A lot of us find that coming up with ideas or getting stuck into a project are great fun, Continue Reading

How to Run a Business while Working Full-Time

If your business hasn't replaced your full-time income yet, how can you juggle both working and running a business effectively? The secret lies in good time (and energy) management, along with outsourcing of all non-essential functions. Time and Energy Management If you're working from 9 to 5, that means you've still got a good five+ Continue Reading

Summer’s here

Yes, I know the first day of summer isn't until Tuesday but, here in Texas it's been feeling like summer for a couple of weeks now. Summer always makes me think about kicking it up a notch in my business and so I was thinking you may be having that same thought. So, I decided Continue Reading

Smart Ways to Work around the Kids

Getting to work with your kids running around can seem absolutely impossible at times. Being a mom and running a home-based business at the same time is so incredibly challenging. While these strategies won't relieve this challenge, they'll help reduce your stress and help you get more done with the time you have to run Continue Reading

How to Bounce Back After Failure

Failure is one of those things we all have in common – like putting our pants on one leg at a time. It’s a human experience. Some people handle the experience well, others not so well. What’s the trick? How do some people bounce back so successfully after failure? They don’t take the failure personally. Continue Reading